Lavender Hydrolate 0.5L


Hidrolato tiene propiedades antibacterianas, antioxidantes, hidratantes, antiinflamatorias, mitigando la irritación, mordeduras y quemaduras. Cuida efectivamente la cara y el cuerpo. Antidepresivo y relajante. Refresca perfectamente y mejora la tensión de la piel. La piel toma brillo saludable, se vuelve suave y flexible. El Agua Floral de Lavanda (Hidrolato) tiene una concentración menor que el aceite esencial de espliego por lo que es más tolerado y a penas tiene contraindicaciones.

Este Hidrolato de Lavanda 100% natural es extraído en nuestra destilería en Cinctorres, usando la técnica de arrastre de vapor.


Este Hidrolato de Lavanda se presenta en una botella de 0,5L o 1L.



Lavender hydrolate 100% natural 0.5L

Form of use and characteristics

We call aromatic waters or floral waters, which are extracted from the distillation of plants and essential oils. Through the application of steam, the distillation process of the plant begins and that is when, due to their molecular differences, the oil and the water separate. From this separation, the essential oil is obtained on the one hand and the hydrolate on the other, made up of water and the remains of therapeutic properties of lavender oil. Lavender hydrosol is a natural ingredient obtained from the distillation of lavender essential oil.

Hydrolate has antibacterial, antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties, mitigating irritation, bites and burns. Effectively care for the face and body. Antidepressant and relaxing. Perfectly refreshes and improves skin tension. The skin takes on a healthy glow, becomes smooth and supple. Lavender Floral Water (Hydrolate) has a lower concentration than lavender essential oil, so it is more tolerated and hardly has any contraindications.

This 100% natural Lavender Water is extracted in our distillery in Cinctorres, using the steam drag technique.


This Lavender Hydrosol comes in a 0.5L bottle.

Way of use

  • On the skin it is an ingredient that combats premature aging of the skin.
  • Its application restores damaged tissues and provides a firmness and smoothness effect. For this reason, it is also a natural remedy to soothe minor burns with its cooling effect.
  • It is an excellent ingredient to treat skin conditions such as irritations, acne, eczema or herpes, since it acts as a healing and anti-inflammatory.
  • Calms irritation and itching, stimulating skin regeneration. It is usually used to solve problems of thrush and other oral infections, due to its antibacterial power.
  • It is also a highly appreciated ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos or in the use of essences for steam diffusers.
  • Through the controlled inhalation of lavender essence or water, a relaxing and anti-stress effect is achieved that helps to fall asleep and reduce nerves.
  • Due to the fact that it is an ingredient of very natural origin and that it has great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturizing properties, lavender hydrolate is an ingredient that can be applied to any type of skin. From the driest to the most sensitive skin, they will benefit from its magnificent properties. However, we must always be careful when applying a cosmetic product to the skin, since for some people with greater sensitivity it can cause allergic reactions. We always recommend you test the hydrosol on a small area of ​​your body, such as the inside of your wrists, and wait 24 hours to see if there is any sign of allergies such as redness, sensitivity, etc.
  • Follow the instructions for use, we are not responsible for improper use.
  • Essences of Els Ports, S.L. does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine.


  • You should never leave the hydrolate where you can get direct sunlight. The hydrolate must be stored in cool, dry places, totally protected from light and heat, in well-closed and sealed bottles in which air does not enter. The storage place must be properly ventilated.
  • Being moderately volatile, hydrolate evaporates relatively quickly so it should never be left unclosed and stored after use. If you are going to store it for a relatively long period of time or in times of extreme heat (many months), you must ensure that its lid is well closed, achieving an airtight seal. In this way, the evaporation of the hydrosol is avoided and it does not impregnate the space in which it has been stored with an odour. It is advisable to store it in the refrigerator.
  • There is also another important reason why hydrolate should be stored properly, and it is about safety: It is extremely important to keep it locked up and completely out of the reach of children, since despite being natural products, many of them do not they are no longer very dangerous in the hands of a child, especially if they are ingested.
  • Once the bottle is opened, it should be consumed within approx. 3-6 months.


  • Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
  • Origin: Castellón – Spain
  • Extraction method: Steam distillation.
  • Distilled or extracted part: Stems, leaves and flowers.
  • INCI: Lavandula angustifolia Flower Water


  • 100% Natural.
  • Without parabens.
  • Fragrance free.
  • No synthetic dyes.
  • Not Tested on Animals.

Like all our products, it is a 100% Artisan hydrolate and 100% Made In Spain.

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