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Pure Lavender Essential Oil 100% 30ml

How to use and features

Our Lavender essential oil 30ml (Mediterranean Lavender) is 100% pure due to its production process, making it the best oil that can be obtained from this Mediterranean plant.

This 100% pure essential oil of Lavender is extracted in our distillery in Cinctorres, using the steam drag technique.


This Lavender essential oil is presented in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper.

How to use

  • Pure lavender oil is ideal for home burners or diffusers by adding 4-5 drops of oil to it. As a room deodorant, it eliminates the smell of confinement and prevents the appearance of moths.
  • On a spiritual level this oil: it is used in meditations since it unlocks the chakras and facilitates spiritual practices. It is a powerful cleaner of negative energy environments.
  • Raises self-esteem: in addition to its physical properties, lavender helps to strengthen our self-esteem, being of great support for difficult situations in our life.
  • Follow the instructions for use, we are not responsible for inappropriate use.
  • Esencias de Els Ports, S.L. he does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine.


  • You should never leave the oils where they can be directly exposed to the sun. Essential oils should be stored in cool, dry places, totally protected from light and heat, in tightly closed and sealed bottles that do not get air. The storage place must be properly ventilated.
  • Being moderately volatile, essential oils evaporate relatively quickly so they should never be left unsealed and stored after use. If you are going to store them for a relatively long period of time or in times of extreme heat (many months), you must ensure that their caps are tightly closed and their pipettes have been removed, achieving a hermetic seal. In this way the evaporation of the oils is avoided and they impregnate the space in which they have been stored with odor.
  • There is also another important reason why oils should be stored properly, and it is about safety: It is extremely important to keep them locked up and totally out of the reach of children, since despite being natural products, many of them do not they are no longer very dangerous in the hands of a child, especially if swallowed.


  • Botanical name: Lavandula latifolia
  • Origin: Castellón – Spain
  • Extraction method: Steam distillation.
  • Distilled or extracted part: Stems, leaves and flowers.
  • INCI: Lavandula Latifolia Herb Oil


  • 100% natural.
  • Without parabens.
  • Without Perfume.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Without Synthesis dyes.

Like all our products, it is a 100% Artisan oil and 100% Made In Spain.

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